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Simplifying Complex Systems

We believe that B2B software products deserve the same love & care as consumer-focused ones. Working through usability optimization, platform creation or updates we can design a product that's easy to use regardless of the complexity of its functionality.

Are you a Startup?

We'll help you create a new product conceptualization and code-free prototype that feels and looks as real as your future product, helping your potential customers and investors connect to your solution.

We find the sweet spot between user needs, business vision and technical capabilities.

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UX Audit


UX Strategy

User Experience

User Interface

QA & Analysis

A User Experience Audit is a way of finding the not-so-perfect areas of a digital product.

Before starting with analyzing any digital product, we first need to understand your business objectives, brand vision, revenue model and the expected outcome of the UX audit.


Audits evaluate your product performance and customer behaviour. The information that we gather allows us to find areas to improve the quality of your product and enrich the user experience.


We cover usability areas such as functionality, visual design, efficiency, learnability, navigation and consistency.


The result is the audit report of your product’s usability problems and suggestions on how to overcome them.


Business Objectives

Analytics Overview

Current state UX audit

Requirements & Constraints

Effective solutions are born from a deeper understanding of your users.

User Experience Research is great at producing data and insights and helps get the right things done. With the business objectives in mind, the next step of our design process is to conduct research.


By using different UX Research techniques we are able to gain valuable insights about users, their needs, behaviour and motivations. At every stage in the design process, ongoing UX activities can determine the entire flow of a project and eliminate uncertainty and guesswork.


Customer Research

Stakeholder Interviews

Competitor Analysis

Persona Development

Task Analysis

A solid UX Strategy ensures that the business vision, user needs, and technical capabilities are aligned.

To be most effective, UX Strategy should be in place before design or development begins. Understanding your business goals we create a vision of a solution that needs to be validated with real potential customers to prove that it’s desired in the marketplace.


We build data-driven roadmaps to success based on user and market research bringing our extensive experience.


UX Strategy can help make sure a business don’t waste time, money, and energy developing products or features people won't want to use.


Product Ideation
Customer Journey Mapping
UX Strategy
Branding & Positioning
Prioritisation & Roadmap 
Use Case Development

User Experience Design considers all the different elements that shape the interaction between the user and a product or service.

We use a variety of methodologies to design a concept in a view of the entire design elements such as interactions, the relationship between elements, tone of voice and copy, transitions, animations, etc.


With a focus on optimizing a product for effective and enjoyable use, we apply a design-thinking process to develop how the user feels in general and how easy it is for them to accomplish their desired tasks. 


To make sure we deliver a simple and usable product experience to people we prototype and validate all design decisions with representative users.


User flows
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Interactive Prototyping
Data Visualisation
Enterprise Applications

UI design is all about creating intuitive interfaces which users find easy to use and pleasurable.

The interface should allow a user to perform any required tasks to complete the function of the product or service. The goal of UI design is to visually guide the user through a product’s interface and keep it simple. We believe the best interfaces are almost invisible to the user.


We consider all the visual, interactive elements of a product interface including layout, colour palette, typography, iconography and responsive design ensuring that all elements are easy to access and understand.


One of the crucial parts of creating a consistent experience is implementing a Design System - a single source of truth that groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize and develop a product.


Pixel perfect Interfaces
Dashboard Design
Creative direction
Brand Perception
Design Systems

Once the product is launched it’s time to measure the results. Have the desired KPIs been achieved? Have metrics shifted? Are users interacting with the product as intended and is the product producing the desired result? This is what we seek to find out at this stage.


To find this out, we provide clients with a correction document for developers and a usage analytics report


Ready for Developers design documentation
UI Polishing & Correction
Usage Analytics Reports

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