Volt is the next generation of banking – digital, independent, and completely transparent. It offers simple Save and Spend experiences designed to help people be better off.

IA, User flows, Prototyping

Interaction design, User Interface

Usability testing

The Challenge

Mobile banks are faster, easier and offer a range of reduced services for less. The processes should be faster and lighter. Volt allows the creation of an account in only a few clicks and the information that is advised is easier to digest. The challenge for the user experience is to bring all the advantages together so that mobile banks have become the champions of customer satisfaction.


The overall mobile experience must replace not only desktop applications but all physical bank branches as well.


We’ve done a lot of experimenting. We tested, learnt and tested again to make sure we deliver things that will make a real difference to people. 

We prototyped and validate all design decisions with representative users.


We’ve done a lot of Usability Testing, a technique for validating all design decisions with representative users. It involved observation of users as they attempt to complete tasks. We used prototypes for these tests in order to identify areas where users encounter feasibility issues.


Usability testing revealed the problems real users experienced with the product under the actual conditions of use. We asked participants to carry out realistic tasks and noted where they experience problems.

The features are built around customer needs and aimed at getting people into the right money habits.

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